The Provider of Choice
For Solutions to develop and execute business profitably, with Safety and Innovation.
Vision & Values
BKPPL’s aims for profitable outcomes. World class business practices for stringent work ethics are diligently followed. This in turn promotes trust and confidence in our clients and investors. Efforts are taken to ensure that all transaction and processes will be transparent. This will facilitate seamless operations.

BKPPL will award those employees whose personal ethics and integrity aligns with the company’s core values. BKPPL will closely observe employees whose individual aspirations harmonize the working environment and help them grow. A vibrant atmosphere will be created where the staff is suitably motivated.

Likewise, with zero-tolerance towards unethical practices, fraudulent practices will be dealt with strictly.

For BKPPL ‘Team work’ comes before ‘Success’. A people-driven company, BKPPL will conduct its operations with due respect to its people and environment. Functioning at a grass root level will further enhance the bond between the company and its people.