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Health centres, recreational clubs, playground for children with focus sports related activity will further promote a healthy society. Qualified counsellors and advisors will also be available for guidance and mentoring if need arises.

BKPPL will closely work with the local communities who form its cluster and will provide suitable benefits for the locals. Proper employment according to one’s ability will also be offered to support the communities.

Education for sustainable growth and development offers every human being to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future. This includes sustainability to be etched into methods of teaching and participatory teaching, learning that motivate and empower the child to act for sustainable development and finally assessing the child’s ability and talent.

Development consequently promotes children and adults alike with a skill for critical thinking, imagining and making decisions in a collaborative way. Additionally, BKPPL would also provide due education and awareness programs for adults to support the future generation.