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Health & Safety
BKPPL’s working processes emphasize our ongoing commitment to support sustainability within the organization as well as the community. We ensure this by aligning our procedure and management practices to deliver projects and activities which are sustainable.

Sustainable health is often linked to sustainable population. Human communities require several kinds of resources to survive. The absolute essentials being clean water, food, shelter and hygienic surroundings. Other subliminal factors that help create sustainable health include peace freedom, secure work, and economic stability.

Keeping the above aspects in mind, BKPPL is committed to providing not just secure and healthy working environment for all its personnel, but also clean and hygienic surroundings along with the basic essentials for the workforce and their families.

Furthermore, BKPPL plans to build an enterprise with the aim to minimize accidents and other such incidents. However, in an event and accident does occur, a proper ‘First – Aid’ kit and other facilities is provided in compliance with the policies and safety norms. Care will be taken to see that a hospital is at an accessible distance and transportation is readily available at all times to ferry anyone who needs medical attention.