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BKPPL was incorporated on 30th December 2005, under the Companies Act, 1956 as a Public Limited Company. It was promoted by the Rassai Group in the name of Rassai Properties & Industries Limited. Companies name was changed from Rassai Properties & Industries Ltd. to Beneficent Knowledge Parks and Properties Ltd. on 27.09.2010.

> To carry on the business of builders, construction, contractors, developers of land and estates and to purchase, take on lease or in exchange or otherwise acquire any lands with or without any structure thereon and any interest or rights therein and to develop, divide into plots, and sale, transfer, lease or otherwise turn to account the same. To acquire, improve, manage, work, develop, exercise all rights in respect of lease and mortgage, and sell, dispose of, turn to account and otherwise deal with property of all kind and in particular land, building, concessions, patents, business concerns and undertakings

> To carry on the business of establishing, acquiring, developing and maintaining SEZ etc.

> To establish educational institutions, industrial parks and residential township.