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Special economic zone (SEZ)

Salient Features of SEZ

  • BKPPL is in the developing of SEZ which boasts of untapped potential.  
  • The SEZ is a designated duty free enclave and is treated as a foreign territory for trade operations, duties and tariffs
  • Units can be set up for manufacturing, trading and service related activity
  • Policy permits self certification procedure for all clearance/permissions
  • Units have to achieve only positive Net Foreign Exchange (NFE) within five years i.e.  A-B>O where (A) is the FOB value of exports (B) is the CIF value of imports
  • Exemption from Customs and Central Excise duty on imports/local procurement for the purpose of establishment and maintenance of the units
  • 100% Direct Foreign Investment permitted through automatic route in SEZs and full and free repatriation of export proceeds permitted.
  • Sub-contracting part of the production process permitted in the Domestic Tariff Area.  Sub – contracting part of the production process is also permitted abroad.

The Fiscal Incentive to SEZ units :

Exemption from Service Tax as well as Central Sales Tax.

For the first 5 years the entrepreneur will get income tax holiday on export income, The next 5 years 50% of the export income will be taxed Following which 50% will be ploughed back into the business after ten years

Exclusive SEZ Policy :

The Development Commissioner is the Nodal Authority to facilitate all the Central and State level clearances.

The Development Commissioner has been delegated with the power of Commissioner of Labor for SEZs.

Self- certification procedures has been introduced for filling of regular returns Public Utility Status granted.

Women are allowed to work in night shifts for software units.