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Logistics Advantage
The matchless features to set up commercial enterprise are : The Logistic Advantage for Entrepreneurs

Listed are the remarkable features offered to the entrepreneur that will boost the SEZ in Hindupur :

  • High quality of infrastructure - Affordable rentals with concessions in the initial period. Industrial base with productive workforce.
  • Readily available skilled labour at reasonable rates and low attrition rates.
  • No industrial unrest.
  • Action oriented responsive and export friendly administrative set up. There is major thrust towards exports.
  • Strategic location- with easy accessibility by road, rail as well as by air, and well connected to the South and South East Asian countries.
  • Strong industrial base and productive workforce. High literacy rate.
  • Readily available skilled workforce at reasonable rates and low attrition rates. It adds to the value that the literacy levels are good.
  • High quality yet low cost social infrastructure.
  • In house custom facility for rapid and seamless clearances supported by State Government for flexible laws.
  • The ‘Hendri Neeva Sujala Sravathi’ project’ runs as a border along the BKPPL borders on the Southern side.
  • BKPPL has abundant supply of ground water as it is surrounded by huge water bodies.