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Highlights of Project Hindupur

Hindupur is an upcoming economic zone and the economic driver in Anantpur District. It is the second largest town in Anantpur District.

It boasts of 50% of cotton production and nestles within its region leading industries in Heavy machinery, Cement, Steel, Rubber, Paints, Biofuel, Textile / Apparel, Agro industries, Cotton spining and Garment etc. The region also has a textile park which is one of the economic drivers.

According to Cushman & Wakefield and other reports from leading economic zone and industries authority state that, several towns and cities in the South India region have made tremendous advancement in terms of progress and development. Hindupur being one of them. It is therefore considered a commercial capital of AP. The definite at Hindupur is that the state government is pro business.

Proximity to Bengaluru, the IT hub and some leading industries works in its favor, Hindupur can also boast of one of the best connectivity to vital cities in and around the region. As these projects are located in the nearby cluster, they directly contribute to the economic growth of the region by giving employment, promoting health care and education for the locals.