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Director's Message

“The global scenario is undergoing a tremendous change. In this situation, BKPPL, besides establishing its root in the Indian economy, has also transformed itself to develop a cutting edge in today’s industry.

India is fast emerging as the next economic super power. Amongst its billion+ populations, 50% is below 25 years of age. India also boasts of the world’s largest middle class population. Thanks to the increasing disposable income, the upcoming middle class has unleashed its latent dominance of consumerism resulting in reshaping both business and lifestyle. Studies reveal that the per capita domestic consumption is expected to have a further boost.

With the trends surging in almost all sectors, International Trade Journals have rightly billed India as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Strong and buoyant demand, increasing purchasing power and overall growth on macro-economic front has acted as a catalyst for its growth.

In the atmosphere of this optimistic economy, the infrastructure as well as real estate business have got due thrust and is growing to become one of the vital sectors in business development. This surge of vibrancy to these zones could not have come at a better time. A leading American enterprise has therefore partnered with BKPPL for a beneficial exchange of their pool of associates.
Additionally, the promulgation of SEZ Act has pushed the developers and investors to establish SEZ across states. The implementation of these projects will provide further impetus to real estate and the overall economy.

Various development initiatives undertaken will help create a robust organization based on values, trust and dependability. Due attention will be paid to details which focus on empowering its people with systematic and transparent business processes. BKPPL is hoping to widen its reach for its SEZ / Industrial parks thus contributing to the Indian exchequer.”