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Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR is an integral part of BKPPL’s policies. Social and environmental practices, far beyond compliance have been an integral part of company’s philosophy since inception its.

BKPPL has an innate sense of responsibility towards, people, environment and property and plans to discharge the same assiduously. In recent years to foster relationships, BKPPL’s initiative has been more structured to seamlessly integrate these activities in our business processes.

The key areas are - waste management, energy management, water conservation, biodiversity management, preserve forests and natural surroundings and trees and reduction of emission and carbon foot prints.

BKPPL has given due attention to the ecological parameters set by the state. The company’s SEZ in Hindupur has aligned its core values and business ethics with the highest ecological parameters laid down by the state government thus discharging its social responsibility diligently.

BKPPL is taking steps to conserve electrical energy, by installing solar plants, energy efficient pumps etc.